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automatic swing door operator


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Products parameters (passed CE certificate)

Parameter model:  external SD3108                                   external SD2108                                    internal SD2016                                              internal SD2008

Applicable to:                                                                    glass door ,wooden door ,ect ,all material door ,one way open;                                          two way open

Door width :              1000mm                                                     1200mm                                                1000mm                                                                 1000mm

Door weight :            120kgs                                                        120kgs                                                   100kgs                                                                     100kgs

Opening speed:                                                                                         3-8S ( adjustable)

Closing speed :                                                                                         3-8S (adjustable)

Opening retention time :                                                                         0-120S (adjustable)

Working procedure:                        Opening singal unlocking -open door -brake-keeping time -close door automatically-buffer lock door

Opening angle :                                                                                        70-150 degree

An automaticover -current protection :                                                    Have

Intelligent encounted obstacles protection :                                         Have

Intelligent over-temperature protection :                                                Have

Closi buffering function :                                                                       adjustable

Remote control function : Wireless remote control password to open the door ,remote control to open the door , remote control to close and prohibit to open door .

Control the electric lock function:                                                             Have

Input power static /max :            5W/50W                                    6W/50W                                       6W/50W                                                       6W/50W

Static buffer speed :                                                                                adjustable

Closing buffer speed :                                                                           adjustable

Opening buffer distance:                                                                       adjustable

Drive :                                                                                      brushless DC motor ,three year warrenty

closing buffer distance:                                                                        adjustable

Opening brake force :                                                                           adjustable

Closing brake force:                                                                             adjustable

Locking force:                                                                                         adjustable

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