The features of automatic swing medical door

  Automatic swing medical door(sometime called bi-folding doors) are ideal where space is at a premium or you have a narrow opening and for medium to high volume pedestrian access in many commercial environments.

  Automatic swing medical door are real barriers of defence made for specific environments such as operating theatres, disinfection rooms, conference rooms, sterile rooms, clean rooms/ laboratories, pharmaceutical and food industries and controlled environment premises etc. They are also designed for recording studios or any other acoustical room requiring a considerable sound proofing.

  Automatic hermetic doors offer many more advantages. They ensure convenient hands-free access. Automatic opening and closing mean smoother working procedures. There is no longer any need to touch possibly unclean door handles, which helps prevent the spread of the viruses and bacteria that can create sources of infection.

  These are less popular than conventional swing and sliding automatic doors, but are very effective at creating a maximum useable opening. It provides a safer swing movement for one-way and two-way traffic than conventional swing doors. About 70% of the folding door’s overall width remains free and clear for passage. The folding automatic door consists of narrow hinged door leaves that concertina together.

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