Automatic swing medical door is high volume traffic in many environments

  The swing automatic door is ideal for low, medium and high volume traffic in many environments where a sliding door is not practical. Swing doors are efficient and effective as means of access and egress but they do require careful consideration of safety features when automated.

  the basic door set comprises of a door leaf and frame and can be supplied in either single or double leaf. The doors can be fitted to hinge either inwards or outwards according to your requirements and the constraints of the surrounding environment. Our doors can be supplied to replace old or damaged manual doors, or as a complete entrance system with the option of fixed side screens and transom panels.

  Automatic Revolving doors are very eye-catching features of an Important Entrance. And it is no wonder if take into account Modern Tendency in Construction and Architecture design solutions worldwide. Automatic Revolving Doors are the most economical doors of the entire range of Automatic Doors in the terms of the Energy it Consumes and the Energy it Saves. From saving energy costs to the use of intelligent safety features, every aspect of this revolving door is designed to fulfil the needs of customers.

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