Functions of automatic swing medical door

  Automatic Revolving Doors are undoubtedly vary Appropriate Features for Important Entrances such as those of Hotels, Prestigious Boutiques or Elegant Shopping Centres, Airports, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants and Financial / Government indeed these automatic swing medical door have always ensured a Great Aesthetic Impact and important messages of distinction. It is possible to obtain numerous configurations by combining the various types of Automatic Systems in order to Personalize the Entrance, adapting it to the various Architectural Requirements.

  But, such door types are Enough Seldom still, because of its' enough High Price if compare it with common Straight automatic swing medical door. We tried to change Price Situation and, thanks to introduction of some our New Constructive and Technological know-how, we provide our customers with possibility to buy automatic swing medical door for Lower Prices now.

  It can be designed as Standard or with Building Security System (with Metal/Bomb Detector) in Two Leaves, Three Leaves and Four Leaves configurations, coordinated to the Architectural Concept of overall Building and overall Entrances. Automatic swing medical door can be designed either as Noticeable Features or Architecturally Coordinated to Harmonise with the overall Styling of the Facade.

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