Know more about all kinds of automatic revolving doors

Two wings automatic revolving door is a set of automatic revolving door and automatic sliding doors both the merits of a perfect combination of a revolving door,and 3 wing automatic revolving door sliding door and luxury exhibition box perfect combination and integration of the world's most advanced technology and modern fashion classic.

Automatically opened by a sliding door and two glass curved wall exhibition box, a collection of the advantages of automatic revolving door, automatic swing gate, automatic revolving door manufacturer,automatic swing gate in the middle single, two-way traffic and normally open mode of operation can be realized. Specific environment, when the sliding door or sliding door fully open.

Depending on the season, occasion and demand function control panel can select the desired function,automatic window opener supplier can effectively indoor and outdoor temperature isolation so as to maintain the indoor temperature. Enhanced wind resistance, eliminating the effects of outlet, reducing the energy disappears, effectively block the sand dust, noise and exhaust into the interior. automatic window opener supplier Give full play to the door isolation and dredge role in ensuring the guests and staff to enjoy a warm and comfortable environment.

Two wing revolving door in the angle of rotation are guaranteed to have a closed, The effective isolation indoor and outdoor air convection, is the best solution for isolation airflow and energy-saving.

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